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How We Can Help You With Property Management



Effective marketing is a key to attract high quality applicants. We prepare a custom market analysis for each property we manage to determine the optimal rent to maximize your return on your investment.

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Tenant Screening

Our custom in-house screening combines personalized processing and advanced data search technology to keep the bad tenants out and attract long term, high quality residents.

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Lease Execution & Renewals

Our lease agreement is reviewed and approved Georgia Association of REALTORS. We operate in full compliance with fair housing, Georgia Landlord/Tenant Law, application screening, and right- to-cure laws.

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Rent Collection

We believe that if you do not get paid - then we should not get paid either. We work to ensure you get paid on time, every time.



We have a 24/7 Maintenance Portal that is always available to protect your property around the clock. After Hours Maintenance is addressed based on priority. We have normal and urgent protocols to ensure your check book. 

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Financial Reporting

With our detailed financial reporting tools and secure online owner portal, you will have 24/7 online access to your financial information.

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Eviction & Pet Guarantee

If a legal eviction becomes necessary We will pay YOUR legal fees - yes you read that right – WE WILL PAY. AND... if a pet does damage to your property, WE will pay for that too! Click here for more info.

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Getting Your Property Rent Ready

We handle the entire make-ready process for you to ensure your property attracts high-quality residents and rents quickly. 

10 reasons why you should Partner with US!


Contract Guarantee

We know contracts are are scary, so we’ve created the only month-to-month management agreement in our area with no termination fees or penalties– because we believe we should earn your business every day.


Tenant Placement At NO Cost

If we place a tenant and they break their lease during the first 12 months - we will find a new tenant at no cost to you. Remember we don't get paid unless you get paid!


Rent Deposit Guarantee

We know you want need your money FAST! So we ACH your tenant rent into your bank account by the 10th day of each month.


Management Fee


We believe that if we can't collect the rent - then we should NOT get paid. You only

pay us a management fee if we successfully collect the rent due.


Pet Damage Guarantee

Our pet screening process is so tight we will personally reimburse you up to $1,000 if pet damage should occur. Click here for more info.


Preferred Rates

As an owner-client you enjoy reduced fees whenever you buy and sell properties with us. We have closed over $20,000,000 in real estate sales exclusively for our owner-clients.


24/7 Online Reports

Available at your fingertips...Our owner/partners get secure online access to monthly statements, inspection reports, invoice copies, tax reports, and rental history anytime during the day!


Property Inspections

We perform periodic exterior property inspections and at least 1 annual full interior inspection a year. Each inspection includes photos of your investment.



We grow and learn all about everything needed to know in the Real Estate Industry. As members of the National Association of Property Managers, National Association of REALTORS, Georgia Association of REALTORS and the Georgia Real Estate Commission we are well versed in ALL THINGS Real Estate!



Our family owned business has been serving investors, renters, buyers and sellers since 1991, so you know we will be here tomorrow (and the next day and the next day) with local, honest, relationship based service.

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